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24.000 m2 with Tropical Jungle theme, Vinpearlland Water Park is an in-house water parrk with unique and modern design. Visitors can truely enjoy tropical inspiration 4 seasons per year in a space which is full of trees, water and exciting games!


Amazing Jump

Let show your talent of spectacular momentum, jumping, somersaults and catching the water surface to fully enjoy under the sea!

Bullet Bowl

The ones who are keen on thrilling games can never miss this adventurous and charming at Bullet Bowl. With twisted and unexpected bends, your journey is all about hitting, rotating and weightless falling then being overwhelm with refeshment when approaching cool water surface in summer and hot water surface in winter.


You will have chance to experience the feeling of riding a wind while surfing through our various oscillating ride, several rounds of crab and dark tunnel passages. Full of adventure but also extremely interesting.


6 lane-multi slide game, with 15 meters height and total slide journey of 100 meters, will be the exciting place for the adventurous young people who enjoy Amusement ride games.

Kamikaze slide

Kamikaze is the right place for young people who want to manifest their daring and bravery. Racing at the speed up to 60km/h, with 2 different sliding directions, Kamikaze makes the players feel like they’re flying out of the 21 meters high slide.

Super Loop

Without any floats, you will be “dropped” into the ride with superfast speed but of course safely. You will experience the exciment of falling into a matrix twisted pipes with the speed of a rocket!


Tsunami slide is a thrilling game bringing you lots of fearfulness. Although only 13m high, Tsunami’s powerful force will leave the most courageous people stunned. Stay strong, get through the initial nervousness and be in the game, you will get a very interesting experience.

Dark Mammoth

Have you ever seen adults screaming like children at home? Let’s experience the feeling of being tossed, falling in rides and accelerated tracks with Dark Mammoth. This prehistoric horrors will bring you to the ends of the sense of adventure and then enjoy the relaxing on the alternating slowly lazy river. Come on, let’s up the special buoy to participate in this exciting game!


Tiger Cave

Let imagine you are on the Pacific Ocean with only waves around – 8 different type of waves are overflowing from the mouth of a huge tiger. You can choose to taste the feeling of swinging on a buoy and get over the huge waves or relaxing with little and soft waves. No need to go out for any ocean now you still have full ocean experience!

Stingray Bay

Many people are keen on surfing but not much of them dare to cope with huge waves. Don’t worry even when you do not have much experience with surfing. Our professional coaches will help you catch safety surfing techniques. Imagine that your surfboard moves on the waves like the fish tail, and thousand of beautiful fishes guides you discover magic ocean. That’s the way you relax and go far from all pressures and stresses from reality.

Big Bear House

Big Bear house will bring many interesting and surprising things to all your family members. This is the warm house of the Big Bear with many secret corners and slides for our kids. Whenever the Big Bear nods to say hello with visitors, a wave of water will fall down that makes our dear visitors feel funny and happy.

Funny Garden

Our dear kids will feel like lost in a funny wonderland. The slides with medium slope will take our kids to discover beautiful and peaceful views in Vinpearlland Water Park.

Olympic Pool

Your journey to conquer with Tropical Forest is not only the intense moments, but it is also the time to relax, to swim into the blue water.
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Vietnam modern and top-ranking bowling area

You are young people who would like to take part in a fascinating sport, allowing you to meet friends and at the same time relax and be entertained?

Vinpearlland Bowling with 12 lanes will be an ideal place to fulfill your expectations – you will have an ACTIVE – YOUNG – REFRESHING time.


Being the largest scale playground in Vietnam, with an area of 6.000 square meters and 300 unique and interesting games, this is where you demonstrate your talents, a favourite destination for young people with interactive, physical and thrilling games.

The lively and colorful Vinpearlland Games is also a special attraction to children. The kids’ playground area provides the opportunity to develop life skills, helping children to master an useful depository of knowledge in “The Fairy Garden” and “The Education Playing Garden”

  • Games supermarket with interactive games, physical games, etc.
  • Bumper cars
  • Fairy garden and Kids’s playground
  • Karaoke room
  • 5D Cinema
  • EZ dance machine
  •  Mc Queen Car
  • Two – lane bowling area for kids



Vinpearlland Ice Rink – the first natural ice rink system in Vietnam – is an ideal destination for young people who would like to try sports that are inherently “specialities” of the Frigid zone such as figure skating, hockey, etc.  Roller-skataholics also have the chance to experience the feeling of eagerly gliding on the brand-new skates.

With the ice temperature constantly maintained below 0°C, Vinpearlland Ice Rink will be the “coolest” destination for entertainment at any time of the year. Whether your just want to relax with your family, communicate with friends, or actually conquer the professional skates, Vinpearlland Ice Rink is always the best choice.

Through years of development, Vinpearl Land has opened 8 ice rinks in big cities across the country such as: Vinpearlland Ice Rink Royal City – Hanoi, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Ha Long – Ha Long city, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Da Nang – Da Nang city, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Bien Hoa – Bien Hoa city, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Can Tho – Can Tho city, Vinpearlland Ice Rink Thao Dien – Ho Chi Minh city. Vinpearl Land has attracted a great number of members from everywhere, registering for different programs such as:

  • One – month membership
  • Three – month membership
  • Six – month membership
  • Twelve – month membership

Behind the success of the “enormous” membership is the launch of ice skating classes by Vietnamese and foreign trainers. The ice skating classes are established based on the trust of customers, and this is an honor for Vinpearl Land to be a bridge between this new kind of sport in Vietnam with other developed countries.

Vinpearl Land has implemented the following classes:

Class Trainer
Basic <1 session> Vietnamese
Basic <1 session> Foreign
Basic <10 session> Vietnamese
Basic <10 session> Foreign
Advanced <10 sessions> Foreign
One on one <1 session> Vietnamese
One on one <1 session> Foreign
One on one <1 session> Vietnamese
One on one <1 session> Foreign

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