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Bowling is known not to be merely a pasttime game but also an appealing sport to many people. Taking on this sport, players have the chance to socialize, relax and be entertained at the same time. To address the enthusiasm and passion of many young people, for the very first time in Hanoi, Vinpearlland Bowling introduces a bowling alley covering an area of up to 2.000 square meters, with 12 bowling lanes of international standards, luxurious lighting and interior decorations designed by foreign architects.

Vinpearlland Bowling Royal City is the number one choice of large scale competitions such as National Clubs Bowling Championship 2015, Summer Bowling League 2015, Autumn Bowling League 2015, Winter Bowling League 2015, etc...

 Opening hours 09h30 – 22h00
 Capacity 84 people/ session

Cafe’, Bowling equipment shop

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