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Ice Rink

Located on Floor B1 of Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Vinpearlland Ice Rink is the first genuine ice rink- made from natural ice- with international standards in Vietnam. The ice rink covers an area of up to 3.000 square meters (interconnecting B1 and B2 floors) and can serve up to 150 persons in each session. This is an ideal destination for young people who want to experience the sports which are mostly exclusive in Frigid Zones such as figure skating and ice hockey.


Unlike other artificial synthetic resin ice rinks currently present in Vietnam, the indoor ice rink of Vinpearlland Ice Rink Royal City is made wholy from frozen natural water with a thickness of 100mm. The specialized refrigerating system with environmentally-friendly refrigerants and the convective ventilation system were built using the most advanced technologies in accordance with the standards of international ice rinks.


In addition, the ice rink is also well-equipped with the facilities to enable players to approach and conquer this novel sport such as: Italian imported skates, English imported ice-skating aids in the shapes of seals or penguins, etc. Modern ice resurfacer will ensure continuous perfection of the ice rink’s surface.

Vinpearlland Ice Rink Royal City is the stepping stone for the national figure skating, with the first Vietnamese figure skating championship- Vinpearlland Cup 2015; and it is also a familiar venue for group ice-skating activities such as Ice-skating Club, On-ice races, Ice-skating competitions with large numbers of participants, etc.


 Opening hours 09h30 – 22h00
 Capacity 150 people/ session

Medical Ward
Ice-skating aids (penguins, seals)
Hockey experience equipment
Free drinking water

Ice skating courses​ Basic, Advanced, One-on-one
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